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Punk Rock 70s

Punk rock, which erupted in the late 1970s, was a powerful cultural movement characterized by an exuberant spirit of rebellion and nonconformism.
It emerged as a response to the social and political controversies of the time, warning society against losing its individuality in mass commercialization.
The main features of this era included a specific ideology, aggressive and energetic music, protest lyrics, style of dress, and a desire for freedom and self-expression.
At the same time, many garage bands of the 1960s were already proto-punk. Among them, for example, were the American band The Stooges led by Iggy Pop and the "godmother of the punk movement" Patti Smith.
The fathers of the genre were the New York Ramones and the London Sex Pistols. They were among the first to be called punks.
popularity among young people.
in the 1970s and immediately gained widespread
Punk as a subculture and musical genre appeared


protest, noncomformism

Anarchy in UK


The Clash

The band actively opposed social and political inequalities, which made them iconic figures of the punk movement.
The Clash are a punk rock band known for their influential music and political lyrics. Their album London Calling (1979) is considered one of the greatest albums in the history of rock music.
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Anarchy in the U.K.
London Calling

The Stooges

The Stooges were characterized by aggressive and uncompromising music that had a profound impact on musical culture.
The band’s founder and leader, Iggy Pop, stood out for his extravagant stage image and energetic performances.
The band’s debut album, released in 1969, is considered a rock icon and includes the hits "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "1969."
I wanna be your dog
Blitzkrieg Bop
Many famous bands came out of its walls. The concert lasted about 20 minutes, during which the Ramones performed 17 songs.
The Ramones were the first to invent that a punk song should be fast and not last more than a minute and a half. Their first concert took place in 1974 at the famous CBGB club, which became the cradle of punk in the middle of the decade.
And the song "God Save the Queen" caused a real scandal in the UK. The lyrics fiercely criticized the royal family and the British government. The song was banned on British radio and television, but became a real hit in the punk community.
The Sex Pistols are remembered as one of the most influential and provocative punk bands in the world. Their debut single Anarchy in the U.K. became an anthem of the punk movement.
The New York Dolls — laid the groundwork. The Dead Boys — model punk band. Richard Hell — ideologue of the movement. The Damned — released the first punk single.
Buzzcocks, The Stranglers, Undertones and The Jam were important influences, moving from punk to postpunk and new wave.
Patti Smith, Blondie, Talking Heads and Television are significant figures in the context of the history of punk rock and new wave.
Punk rock has had a significant impact on musical culture, spawned many sub-genres and continues to be an important part of music history.
Punk culture encourages amateurism and self-organization. Many punks create their own music, bands, art, and publications independently of large corporations.
The punk movement expresses dissatisfaction with social problems, political injustices and economic instability. Punks call for action and fight for change in society.
Social criticism
Punks do not follow conventional standards and norms. They try to stand out, be eccentric and provoke society to bring about discussion and change.
Live without rules
No selling out
Punks reject the commercialization of music and culture. They oppose the mass entertainment industry and call for the preservation of the authenticity and independence of the arts.

of punks

principles and ideas
Be free
Punks emphasize the importance of individual freedom of expression, including through music, clothing, and appearance. They emphasize the right of everyone to be themselves and not be subject to societal standards.
Punk ideology expresses discontent and resistance to authority, power and established institutions. Punks tend to reject them and call for decentralization of power and self-governance.
No authority
of ideology, outlook and self-expression.
was taken by punks as the basis
The Live Fast Die Young formula
In the beginning, the cheap punk image, assembled from the first thing that came to hand, was put in contrast to the expensive suits of respectable people striving for success, the development of capitalism and the creation of a consumer society.
Punks expressed their views through their appearance and behavior. For this reason, a very specific aesthetic developed.

Punk aesthetic

The iconic SEX store in London, owned by punk fashion icon Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. They became symbols of punk culture, helping to spread and popularize it.
Heavy Dr Martens boots
or Converse
T-shirt with a provocative pattern

typical punk
Leather jacket customized with chains and studs
BDSM-themed accessories
(net stockings, dog collars
and English pins)

Punk rock has left a deep mark on music culture, fashion and society, remaining a symbol of courage and the struggle for personal freedom and self-expression.
Punk continues to live and inspire to fight for their beliefs and create a world where individuality and  independence are valued above all else.
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